The closest thing to live.

Live has never looked this way before. Park Media Live is a fully managed and operated Event Live Streaming service. Your event gets the best of technology operated by skilled professionals – to deliver an online event experience unlike any other.


An End to End solution that works.

1 | Capture

What you put in is what you get out. We capture the essence of your event with professional equipment in the hands of skilled operators. Make sure no words are missed with crystal clear audio and catch every moment in stunning HD.

2 | Package

Insert beautiful images, graphics and other pre-packaged content into your live stream. Watch how captured video and audio gets transformed for your audience. Benefit from a broadcast-like approach, keeping your online attendees gripped.

3 | Deliver

We provide you with a dedicated and customised page just for your event. Enjoy an ad-free environment where only the intended viewers get to experience your event. You wouldn’t host your event on a highway, so why live stream it via a public platform?

All Loved Ones Present

Live stream your special private events to your loved ones around the world. We integrate with your caterer and decor company to merge the experience of your in-venue and online guests. With our Digital Guest Manager service, we can even help some of the less tech savvy members of your family get online and join in.

Webinars That Work

Stand out from your competitors with Webinars that suit your brand and business objective. Free yourself from the hassle of Webinar management to focus on your content and your attendees. Benefit from simple document sharing, private chat windows and optional On Demand download features.

The World Is Your Stage

Musician, Comedian, Magician, Motivational Speaker, Singer or Lecturer. You can still get bums on seats. The only difference is they’re sitting on their own seats. Live Stream your performance professionally with a concert-like sound and video experience for your attendees. Integrate live Social Media feeds and control access like you would at the door. The Virtual Venue even has space for your sponsors. 

We Gather

Whether you’re gathering for celebration, remembrance or a hobby,  your audience can be anyone, anywhere. If you’ve got a Community of Interest that gathers, you’ve got a reason to live stream. A chess or domino tournament, foosball contest, flower show, gaming, contemporary art exhibition or film festival can all be transformed to satisfy your audiences remotely.

Worship on the Web

Spread the word to the world without limits. Your congregation is no longer limited to the size of your physical House of Worship. Host an online-only worship event or expand your in-venue audience to thousands online. Accept donations online in real time via multiple payment methods. Share scriptures and follow-along guides on screen.

A Virtual Venue
personalised for you

Crystal clear images & audio wrapped up in a beautiful package. The Virtual Venue is an online destination designed for your event. We focus on all the things that matter to you – a quality stream, virtual decor, photo galleries & more. You also have the freedom to request features like access control, chat features and more. With Virtual Venue your attendees are one click away from a dedicated event page. Your online event deserves to be hosted in style.

No Shaky Video

Leave the camerawork to us. Your viewers will be saved from shaky smartphone footage, and those physically present are not stuck behind their phones playing cameraperson.

Password Protected

Your customised event page can be password protected to keep your proceedings private. A suite of access control options lets you protect your event and decide who’s allowed to walk through the door.

Live Comments

Your attendees watching around the world can chat with each other and with you in real time. Multiple chat methods and restrictions can be applied based on your preferences.


If your event has a lot going on, you’d need to make sure your attendees see it all. Multiple cameras give us the control of choosing what your viewers see and when they see it.

Social Media Tagging

Bring Live Social Media feeds into your event stream and back into your event venue. Watch the conversation unfold on screen and in your venue as attendees post comments photos or videos.

Reliable Internet

A good live stream requires stable and reliable internet access. Our robust connectivity solution is built with redundancy to enable Live Stream ready internet almost anywhere in South Africa.

Crystal Clear Audio

DIY live streams using smartphones or laptops are often characterised by poor audio quality. A professional audio capture setup brings the clearest audio to your online attendees.

Remote Contributors

“You’re on Mute”. Ditch the DIY and bring in all remote contributors in a controlled way. We even help your Key Contributors get properly setup to maintain the quality chain from remote contributors.

Staying connected when it matters most.

Times are changing. Staying connected is now more important than ever before. People remain the most important part of any event so we use the best of technology to help achieve the goal: helping people connect to people.

Take your next event Live.

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Hobbyist Events

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